RE: Multiple production databases (and/or oracle_homes) on one windows server

From: Andre van Winssen <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 17:49:03 +0100
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Hi Toon,  

In a nutshell..  

You can have as many oracle databases/oracle_home's as you want on windows 2003. No limits, same as Unix/Linux  

Each running database is a single multithreaded windows process (oracle.exe)  

Each database has an associated windows service so that's how you manage automatic startup after a boot  

"Dos box" sqlplus is my own favourite SQL CLI because of command history.  

As for HA, next to RAC and Dataguard there's also Failsafe, based on MSCS.  


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Onderwerp: Multiple production databases (and/or oracle_homes) on one windows server  


Context: 11Gr1, Windows Server 2003

I'm curious if this (see subject) is done at all.

My background is primarily using Unix/Linux as the OS for a database server.

And I see how having multiple production databases, supported by a single, or even multiple oracle_homes, is not an issue on Unix/Linux.

Given that there is enough memory + cpu to service the instances.  

But how is this in the Windows space?

Should I go there?

Or stay far away from it?  

Any comments are appreciated.  


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