Basics on Advanced Queuing

From: Mahadevan, Sundar <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 17:17:36 -0500
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Hi List,
Hope all is well. I am just starting to learn about Advanced Queuing. The following were the documents that I read to get a hint on Advanced Queuing.

Oracle 11g Advanced queuing white paper

I searched more on google for basics on AQ but not much help. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the basic understanding of advanced queuing due to the fact that I cannot imagine how Message queues work (business logic). To my understanding, streams are used for replication while advanced queuing is used for Message queues. And btw, streams internally use AQ. The following are my question pertaining to Advanced Queuing(message queues):

  1. Is AQ happening between 2 databases or within a single database but 2 different schemas?
  2. Is it imperative that dblinks are created for AQ to work or you do not need dblinks for AQ to work(if AQ happens between 2 databases)
  3. If AQ happens within a single database but 2 different schemas then a grant all on the other user's objects can be used for message queues. So what is the idea here?

Apologies if my questions are silly. I would appreciate if anyone could reply back with the basics of AQ in simple terms and the business logic behind it.

Thanks a ton.

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