Oracle licensing for Personal Use

From: Mahadevan, Sundar <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 11:32:14 -0500
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Hi List,
Hope all is well. This thread is a follow up to Janine Sisk's question on Oracle licensing for Personal Use. Since I did not want to hijack the thread, I am writing a new one. From Norman Dunbar's reply, I understand that I could buy Oracle Diagnostics Pack (in canada) for Canadian Dollars 111(named user perpetual license). With the perpetual license (lifetime license), I can get a CSI for lifetime: meaning I can logon to My Oracle Support and look into all notes.

The following are my questions in regards to licensing:

1) Is CSI adequate to raise any support ticket or am I restricted to Oracle Diagnostics Pack issues. I believe the former is not possible, but would like to confirm it with you.
2) I do not see a version on Oracle Diagnostics Pack. So does it mean, I can raise a ticket for Oracle Diagnostics Pack issues on any version (ex: 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12g....)?
3) Would buying a personal edition be only option if I have to get the privilege of raising support tickets (example: Database setup issues)?
4) For personal knowledge update, is it a good idea to install the already free Oracle enterprise edition (rac/non rac) and get the cheapest available named user perpetual license for CSI?

Thanks a ton in advance.

Additional Info: I'm presently using My Oracle Support access provided by my company


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