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From: Martin Klier <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 14:52:28 +0100
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Hi Bill,

I'd consider ASM as useful. It's simply flexible, and sometimes a bit nicer and quicker than anything else. And, you finally don't plug a file system layer between your DB and your media. If later migration is a possible scenario, ASM makes migrating from one storage to another quite simple, and sometimes it works without downtime to add/remove a volume physically and logically. If a downtime is needed, it comes from restrictions some OS have with adding/removing FC devices at runtime, but ASM can do it online and live.
The less your future SAN system can do, the more some ASM features are real benefits. For example, cross-site-replication or multi-host-to-multi-storage mirroring (RAC with ASM) are easily to build and operate.

One real CON of ASM is the trouble you have with split mirror backups for large datasets, ASM can't do that on its own, and I never tried it with a storage system that can do it in combination with ASM. Another small CON is, that you sometimes want to access data directly with OS tools (copy, edit, whatever). You can't do with ASM, but for all maintenance tasks there is a way to work on the ASM volume with all modern, nowadays really pretty RMAN versions .


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>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | >--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| We are looking to migrate into a 3rd party data center. The data center utilizes a SAN for all of its storage requirements (OS, database, backups). Oracle RH Linux 5.x Does anyone have any experiences with configuring Oracle on a SAN? Will ASM be beneficial? Not sure how proactive the storage team will be at the 3rd party data center. Any PROs or CONs will be helpful. Thanks in advance, Bill -- --
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