10g tts and asm

From: Michael McMullen <ganstadba_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 08:38:50 -0500
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Server A – Oracle 10g ASM noarchivelog

Server B – Oracle 10g ASM noarchivelog  

I’m looking at using transportable tablespace (tts) between server a and server b. Both are using asm. Looking over the docs, it looks like I can use rman, ftp using the virtual folder /sys/asm or dbms_file_transfer. I’m thinking that my biggest hassle here is plugging the datafiles back into asm on server b.

Here’s what I think the options are

  1. RMAN – need to do recovery in order to plug into asm, not sure if recovery needed for just a copy from asm to the file system
  2. ftp via /sys/asm – not sure but I think I should be able to copy from /sys/asm on server a to /sys/asm on server b
  3. dbms_file_transfer – should be able to copy from asm on server a to file system on server b. would need recovery (rman) if plugging into asm

I’ve looked in the docs and online and don’t see any pure asm examples. I also don’t have an asm dev system that I can play with.  

Any insight is appreciated.  



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