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That will happen if tablespace was dropped after the controlfile backup was taken. (files exist in control file but missing from the location)

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OCP Question

Listers -

I took the Oracle 10g OCP exam and one question in the exam was something I have not come across in several years working with Oracle. I searched google, but only found someone has had this happen, but they didn't understand why - it was during a database cloning process.

It went something like - You rebuild your controlfile and open your database and discover several datafiles have been renamed to /somepath/MISSING##### (where ##### is a 5-digit number).

What might that signify?

A. Those are corrupt files?
B. Those are read-only tablespace files?
C. .....
D. .....
E. .....

I don't remember the five choices, but does anyone know why Oracle would rename datafiles to .....MISSING#####.


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