Re: [SEMI-OT] Oracle to cloud or not to cloud?

From: Jeremiah Wilton <>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:48:04 -0800
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I really have to take exception with the multiple assertions on this list that "cloud computing" is just a marketing rebrand of something we already have.

Some companies have co-opted the term and are using it to refer to any and all manner of technology and even imaginary technology. But Google and Amazon, the leaders in cloud computing, are building something that greatly exceeds the previous technologies. Yes, you could host applications on the internet in the past, but Amazon's model allows instant provisioning of virtual servers, and virtual resources, like disk, memory and compute power, using a standardized web API. And this is all very cheap.

This is very different from calling your hosting provider and asking them to add a virtual for you or using Gmail online. It is not just hosted apps, and it is not the same thing Oracle has provided for a decade. I understand how the whole thing reeks of marketing nonsense, but suggest those feel it is comprised of no actual new technology take some time to educate themselves.

(Plug for Oak Table book...) I wrote a chapter that quotes Larry Ellison in the video liked below for the forthcoming Oak Table book:


Jeremiah Wilton
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On Dec 15, 2009, at 8:57 AM, Goulet, Richard wrote:

> "Cloud Computing" is just another marketing pile of POO so that
> simple minded people, like your CIO/CEO, will think that their
> behind the times and need to spend more money on yet another pile of
> technology vaporware so they can add the buzz word to their résumé's
> and company advertising. Cloud computing = hosted apps, period.
> Been around for a long time making money for the likes of Capgemini
> and others who have hosting centers that are getting empty due to
> smaller hardware, lack of usage, etc..., namely the economic
> downturn. One of these days we'll probably learn how to distinguish
> that old Ford in the new paint job from the really new model.
> Though if marketers have their way, we won't.
> If you can't impress them with brilliance, smother then in .
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