RE: [SEMI-OT] Oracle to cloud or not to cloud?

From: Allen, Brandon <>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 12:11:06 -0700
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As a disclaimer, I've never really studied "cloud computing", but it sounds to me like maybe what you're talking about with Amazon is a specific type of cloud computing described by Wikipedia as IaaS or "Infrastructure as a Service"? (

Regarding my "assertion" earlier - I'd like to clarify that it wasn't meant to be my own assertion - I was simply paraphrasing Larry Ellison's assertion (or at least my interpretation of it). Here is what he says in the clip at 4:48:

"We will rent you our ERP system on a monthly fee . . . if you want to call it cloud computing, call it cloud computing; we've been doing it for a decade"


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I really have to take exception with the multiple assertions on this list that "cloud computing" is just a marketing rebrand of something we already have.

It is not just hosted apps, and it is not the same thing Oracle has provided for a decade.

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