Re: 10046, Unaccounted for Time, Aix 5.3 -- How to Determine Process Pre-Emption

From: Carol Dacko <>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 21:33:12 -0500
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Larry and all,

It appears that there is a programmer's tool called Probevue, for AIX6. James Morle had it on a slide of his from his recent UKOUG presentation some 16 hours ago. He also put a caveat of "Be careful". Here is a link to at least one website:

At least this may be something else your SAs may gravitate too.

Carol Dacko
University of Michigan
On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 8:45 PM, John Kanagaraj <>wrote:

> Hi Larry,
> > What is being looked for by the “SA’s” is something along the lines of
> > strace, truss, ptrace, trace, whatever, and how those could be used by
> the
> > SA’s to see if pre-emption is occurring. They aren’t sure of the best
> > way/tool to use, and I don’t have a recommendation for them, though
> plenty
> > of examples, especially tied into Oracle, for flavors other than AiX.
> Did the SAs look at sar and vmstat? I don't have access to AIX to see
> the various options, but I ask because vmstat/sar -quw should show CPU
> queue lengths, CPU usage and Context switches (among the many other
> columns) which should give them a fair indication of the *extent* (but
> not specifics) of the issue. For specifics, you might want to look at
> the various PRI (priority) values for selected processes to understand
> if there are some processes that are getting a priority that they
> should not be getting :) Again, there may be AIX specifics, the way
> LPARs are created/configured, etc., which the SAs will have to
> consider in view of this data.....
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