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Now there is a response time problem I know something about:  

Scenario 1: I'm done driving for the night, I'm hungry, and I want my food fast. "Darlin' (or a PC phrase, but in the sort of place where the truth is obviously they won't bring you your food until your well into your second beer, "darlin'," is usually not only inoffensive, but appreciated), I'm thirsty and hungry. Bring me my first brew as fast as you can and bring my second one with my <whatever I ordered> as fast as you can after that. Really, it is a pretty good bet that if my food comes fast the difference in my tip will be more than the price of the third beer, which I might drink anyway if I'm thirsty."  

Scenario 2: "Darlin', I'm in for a quick bite and then I'm back on the road. So I'm only gonna have one beer, and them I'm switching to Coke, Coffee, or water. Really, it is a pretty good bet..and I'm only having the one beer no matter what you do. "  

And kudos to your hole in the wall. That sign on the wall is the tactical practice of many restaurants, dives or not. At least they were practicing truth in advertising.  


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Speaking of wait time. I am in Florida for the thanksgiving holiday and I went to eat at a hole in the wall place. On the wall it said "burger wait time: 1 1/2 beers" :). <snip>

From: Cary Millsap <--no way I'm snipping Cary off. <snip>  

Method R Profiler also reports on bind variable substitution values. It doesn't report on all the values that were used, only the sets of substitution values that drive the best-case and worst-case performance for a given statement. The goal is that the worst-case substitution value set shows you the problem you need to work on first, and the best-case substitution value set shows you how well the statement should be able to perform.

Trace analyzer is much nicer than tkprof, but it still doesn't meet the principal design criterion of the Method R Profiler, which is to illuminate where all your business task's response time has gone, whether your problem is inefficient SQL or something else (which these days it often is). There are several types of response time problems that tkprof and trcanlzr don't go very far in helping you solve. The Method R Profiler has a considerable speed advantage over trcanlzr as well.

For more information, see, as Dan previously noted.

A former colleague at Hotsos has asked me to bring to your attention that they also sell licenses for our Method R Profiler under the Hotsos Profiler brand name. I am no longer affiliated with Hotsos, so I hope that if you're interested in the product, you'll contact me directly.

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