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If you know your application well you can probably get parallel threads of replication going faster (with a little user elbow grease in terms of specifications). Streams is probably more bulletproof with the attendant overhead of the computer figuring out more for you (it is not slower because the Oracle coders are stupid - they are not stupid.) Your mileage may vary.  

If I correctly understood the presentation at OOW with Juan and the ex-CEO and now Oracle employee of Goldengate at the table at the front of the room and the product manager for Streams in the audience (and brought actively into the conversational presentation by Juan), the Golden Gate product methodology is the strategic direction for replication, key bits of Streams including having the code in your hands instead of having to guess a bit and reverse engineer will be used to augment and further enhance golden gate. Streams probably remains strategic for the pathway of doing non-stop physical dataguard where you do the bit about temporarily switching to logical dataguard, so I would expect that the streams engine never disappears.  

For customer benchmarks I observed where the customer understood their application suite well and could set up parallel threads some of which didn't have to check back for coordination sync points, Golden Gate was clearly faster. There may have been a differential in the expertise used to set up Golden Gate versus Streams in favor of Golden Gate and I cannot publish those numbers so don't bother asking. But as set up, Golden Gate was faster. I believe the customer thought it was also easier to understand and get restarted with less cleanup overhead when something went bump. Some people have also set up Streams to go very fast (was that you, Kirti?), and I don't know what the results would have been with a world class configurer of Streams.  

And remember, something always goes bump (usually at the worst time.)  

At the time of the OOW presentation Juan said something like, hey, this acquistion is so new we really only have started to think about how to put the pieces together and it will take a while to sort out. So take all I've written with a grain of salt.  


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 Can you tell me the advantages of using Golden Gate over Streams ?


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Nice WebCast on Golden Gate.

Hope the link works for you. Might be of interest to you. < &src=6878223&Act=31&msgid=8287286&eid=3927988045&lid=1> &p_dlg_id=8286503&src=6878223&Act=31&msgid=8287286&eid=3927988045&lid=1

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> Niall Litchfield wrote:
>>I see that Golden Gate software is now available for download from Oracle
>>apparently 64bit form only. Is Golden Gate a purely 64bit product (and yes
>>know Oracle will integrate/replace streams into this product line) or is
it that
>>only the 64bit software is up there for now. -- Niall Litchfield ...
> Hi Niall,
> I'm not sure what direction they are going since the Oracle buyout but
> in the past Golden Gate seemed to have their codebase prepped to build
> cross platform and would create binary builds on different platforms
> as requested by customers.
> I worked on a software product that leveraged Golden Gate TDM for
> replication and it seemed every time a big customer bought our product
> we were asking Golden Gate for a new build on some new platform. I
> know some of these platforms were 32-bit.
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