RE: How to modify a metric collection interval in Grid Control?

From: Taylor, Chris David <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 08:53:07 -0600
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I think I found it.

It's not stored in the db at all it seems.

It uses xml files in the $AGENT_HOME/sysman/admin/default_collection.

I found the "database.xmlp" file which defined the 7 Day interval for Tablespace Allocation.

Here's the entry in the file:


  • Category: Tablespace Allocation
  • DB Versions: pre-8 to 10gR1
  • Fetchlet: SQL

    <CollectionItem NAME="tbspAllocation"> <ValidIf> <CategoryProp NAME="VersionCategory" CHOICES="pre8;8i;8iR2;9i;9iR2;10gR1;10gR2;10gR203;11gR1"/> </ValidIf>

      <IntervalSchedule INTERVAL="7" TIME_UNIT="Day"/>     </Schedule>

    <MetricColl NAME="tbspAllocation" />   </CollectionItem>

ALTHOUGH, I updated this to "1" day, and reloaded the agent, Grid Control is still showing "7" days under All Metrics for this target.

It appears I'm still missing something.

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Hey Chris,

> Is there a way to modify the collection interval for a metric in Grid 
> Control?
> I have a Database Target and I goto "ALL METRICS".  Under this menu I 
> see "TABLESPACE ALLOCATION" that has both "Allocated Space" and "Used Space".
> The collection interval is set to "Every 7 Days".  How can I modify 
> this collection interval to be less than 7 days?

Actually, you'd be looking for the "Metric and Policy Settings" link to change that, but of course I don't see it there on

One workaround would be to create your own metric, but that seems a bit silly, plus you wouldn't have any of the history transferred to your new metric.

If you get an answer from Oracle, can you post it please?




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