RE: Anyone Using IBM flash Copy for Database Backups?

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Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 10:05:02 -0500
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I'm not, but I am surprised about your situation. I would have expected pretty much everything to have gotten faster, not slower.

Is it possible some of the carefully set sizes that previously were optimized for your RMAN processing have been left to automatic settings with no minimums? There are plenty of people on this list more expert than me about RMAN. Are you surprised too? Anything special in the transition from 10g to 11g for RMAN that these folks should look into?

Are you cpu bound on the compression? Faster media copying is not going to help that. How much of your datawarehouse is actually eligible for change from month to month? Is there a partitioning strategy that will combine good access with life cycle management?


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We have several large warehouse databases in the 12T to 15T range. The normal run time for our RMAN backup scripts more than doubled after upgrading to 11g. The scripts do use compression which seems to be the problem.

IBM claims that Flash Copy will back up a 2.5T DB2 database in less than 15 minutes. Is anyone using Flash Copy for Oracle database backups? If so, do the IBM estimates for DB2 correlate to Oracle run times?

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