RE: Oracle Form Error: Solution

From: Kenneth Naim <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 01:15:12 -0400
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This seems to be a known issue with the form and new version of the form is available through metalink.  


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Subject: Oracle Form Error  

Hi Form experts,

One of my coworkers has ran into a form's issue where one form is not setting it's form id properly. It occasional doesn't set id, and a -999 gets returned, or the previous form's id gets returned and on occasion the correct id get's returned. We are using the fnd_global.form_id function from the backend to determine which for is being used. The only form with an issue is the AP Bank Form (Form Name : APXSUMBA ) Version : 11.5.149.  

Anyone run into this before. We have also created a tar on this issue/  



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