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Thank you Scott,

Yes, that was also a problem, and I have asked UNIX sas to change CPU count during off peak hours only. This crashed are not related to CPU count change.


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Oct 28 2009 11:04 AM

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RE: Oracle10g running on Solaris Containers


    I don’t know if this is still an issue, but when we migrated to Solaris containers several years ago, we ran into problems with instances crashing when Solaris reallocated the number of CPUs for the container. In particular, Oracle didn’t like it when the number of CPUs was decreased. That was usually followed by a crash and the timing of the crash was all over the place. It could happen immediately or hours later.

   One of the reasons for going to Solaris containers is the ability to dynamically change the allocation of CPUs, memory, etc. We had to turn this off to keep Oracle stable. This may or may not be your issue, as Oracle may have fixed it, but we’ve never dared to try turning it back on.  

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Hello everyone,

We recently migrated few database ( and from Solaris 9 running on E25k to Solaris 10 running on T5120 running multiple zones. Entire directory structure was moved from old machine to new machine. Oracle relinking was successful.

Since then, database are crashing frequently. mainly process (pmon or smon) would simply die. Unix sas could not find any thing. I could not find any thing either.
One thing I noticed, on old machine I had only one dbwriter dbw0 but on new machine I have upto six or seven dbwrites (dbw0, dbw1,....). No parameter change have been made. I am not sure why this change in number of dbwrites and if it has any relevance.

I have forwarded metalink note 317257.1 to UNIX sas.

Does any one has been running Oracle10g on Solaris containers? Any problems/issues?

Any help/pointers are greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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