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Do not execute huge scripts at once, or without verifying content, most of all for scripts generated by tools like TOAD. A newbie DBA generated a script using TOAD and didn't uncheck "Drop table" option. Script was executed in production.  

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Absolutely right.

They should strike the term "backup strategy" all together from the documentation.

It's "recovery strategy" that's important. How to backup is a derivative from that.

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        Not testing recovery scenarios is also one of the major blunders.         

        Testing recovery is as important as taking regular backups.         


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Re: major blunders

        in the line of not having a backup:         

        having the database backup done by another team than the DBA's, and doing it hot with putting tablespaces into backup mode, which is done by logging on to the database with the SYSTEM account. this on itself works, but fails if all database passwords needs to be changed, and the backup script isn't altered (of course there is a hardcoded password in it), because it isn't in control of the DBA team.         

        looks outdated, but still occuring:         

        outsourcing to india because of cost, and thinking it all "magically" goes well.         

        something all performance consultants will have encountered:         

        clients/programmers who believe: parallel improves performance, increasing parallelism improves performance even more, and increasing parallelism even more will improve performance once again. seen it been bumped up to 48 slaves for a single table with 4 CPU's and locally attached disks.                                                      

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	here's a couple of biggies that havent been mentioned yet: 
	- not having a backup   !!!! 
	- letting the newby DBA loose in production (see previous point!) 
	2009/10/8 April Sims < <> > 
	Compiling a list of major blunders to avoid:
	Don't use the number 8 for scripting or ORACLE_SID due to the wild card character * above it.
	Don't use rm *.*
	Anyone else have some to contribute?
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