RE: RAT fully backported to 10g and 9iR2...

From: David Mann <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 14:35:16 -0400
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>we've looked into it. we've got a 9i DB that needs upgrading and we're
>considering going to 11g, but it's just expensive. the good thing is that
>can 'move the license around' if needed. if one of our BU's purchases it,
>it, no longer needs it (for a project) it can be moved around to another db
>so on....

Would love to use it but we have been told that we need to license specific machines and could not move licenses around. Got a citation for being able to move the licenses around? We have requested that scenario exactly from our account reps and they are hemming and hawing at working with us.

They want us to license 10X the cores we think should be licensed. For us 1 Prod/Test machine pair at a time would be 24 cores max. We just don't upgrade that often (or have the manpower) to involve more than 1 project at a time.

So it looks pretty good for a new tool. Comparing it to the usual upgrade scenarios I have seen I can see a great benefit from being able to record and play back a production load. Most projects I have seen throw LoadRunner scripts that trace 3-4 paths through the system and make sure they run OK on the target environment but there are always a ton of other SQL to tune once users start logging in and doing 'real work'.


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