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Sheesh, you just reminded me of my dumb DBA trick that actually occurred in SQL Server 9 years ago-  Someone had removed the "WHERE USERID =XXXXX " clause from a 30 line login/user cleanup script for a SQL Server system and the last statement just issued- DELETE FROM SYSUSERS

I pretty much stopped breathing as I watched the final results on the screen: 1 row deleted.

1 row deleted.

1 row deleted

1659 rows deleted.

Microsoft said, "Yeah, start restoring, we can't help you..."  36 hrs later everyone was back in and working... That script became a stored proc that very day! :)
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When copying and pasting delete and update statements into sqlplus put them on a single line if possible to avoid the possibility of missing the where clause.

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Well, I always use a script to place the database name into the sql prompt. Making changes on the wrong database can ruin your whole day (or life).

So you need "do's"  and "don'ts"

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Compiling a list of major blunders to avoid:

Don't use the number 8 for scripting or ORACLE_SID due to the wild card character * above it.
Don't use rm *.*

Anyone else have some to contribute?


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