Re: Configuration of BIND (named) for GNS in 11.2 RAC

From: Lyall Barbour <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 08:25:27 -0500
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i haven't gotten that exact error with our Grid on Linux.  I did have a similar error on installing one of our Agents on HP-UX 11.23  Hopefully this'll help you: After installing Grid on Linux, we started installing Agents everywhere.  Everything installed fine on Linux, Windows and HP.  But, the 'hosts' section of Grid showed a couple of the HP-UX systems without a Listener and their name on Grid wasn't the FQHN...After working with Oracle Support, to try a couple of things, like delete the targets.xml file and remove the Agent from Grid then run agentca -d... i finally just de-installed the Agent that i was working on and re-installed from a Metalink note that Support pointed me to using (and this is what might help you) ORACLE_HOSTNAME environment variable is set to the FQHN in your system.
This finally worked to get the fully qualified hostname in there and things were going good until i brought up Grid and found the Listener wasn't showing up at all still.  When i'd look in targets.xml, it still wasn't there.  Last thing i did was remove all the Agent information in Grid and Oracle Support told me to run agentca -f and then everything showed up correct in Grid Control. That's all i got...HTHLyall
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  Hello group,

  I am trying to get my head around GNS but somehow I am unable to   install
  Grid Infrastructure for RAC. OUI complains about INS-40904, unable to   resolve the hostname I put in.

  INFO: Completed validating state
  INFO: Terminating all background operations
  INFO: Terminated all background operations
  INFO: Transition aborted
  INFO: Rolled back to state
  INFO: Waiting for completion of background operations
  INFO: Completed background operations
  INFO: Validating view at state
  INFO: Completed validating view at state
  INFO: Validating state
  INFO: Performing Generic Validations
  INFO: Performing generic checks

  SEVERE: [FATAL] [INS-40904] ORACLE_HOSTNAME does not resolve to a   valid
  host name.
  CAUSE: The value provided for ORACLE_HOSTNAME does not resolve to a   valid host name.
  ACTION: Provide a valid host name for ORACLE_HOSTNAME, and restart   the

  This is RHEL 5.4 32bit, bind and dhcpd are configured and running. I   am
  pretty sure that name resolution works as I can ping the hosts   without
  entries in /etc/hosts. /etc/resolve.conf and /etc/nsswitch.conf are   as
  follows, I have attached my bind configuration (the custom one) to   the
  email. I also used the advanced installation as explained in the   documentation section 2.7.3 DNS Configuration for Domain Delegation   to
  Grid Naming Service

  More info:

  [root_at_node1 OraInstall2009-09-28_08-48-53PM]# cat /etc/resolv.conf

  options attempts: 2
  options timeout: 1

  #search   search   nameserver

  [root_at_node1 OraInstall2009-09-28_08-48-53PM]# grep hosts   /etc/nsswitch.conf
  hosts: dns files

  Any pointers greatly appreciated. BTW there is nothing on google or   metalink about the particular error.... The gns-server VIP is not   assigned
  to a host (can't ping it). The DNS server host can't reach the   Internet,
  bind occasionally complains about not being able to resolve "." zone   (which I don't want it to)


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