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From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 17:43:35 -0400
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We have a pile of these boxes, running against a Netapp, though, not a BlueArc (though I know and like the BlueArc folks).

If you follow the Oracle recommendations it just works, though I am skeptical about the throughput available to you a) using VMWare, b) using traditional Ethernet. I don't suppose you're using 10Gb on the physical host side?

Also, remember, as many people here have pointed out, Oracle does not officially support Oracle on VMWare. Just keep that in mind.

Oh, and why VMWare server instead of ESXi? Just curious.

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From: on behalf of Rodd Holman Sent: Thu 9/17/2009 4:43 PM
Subject: Oracle 10g on VM with NAS  

We are working on a proof of concept situation here:

The goal is to get a working system (DSS/DW) running on 10g (upgrade later to 11g) using the following

VMWare server on HP 4-way Xenon hardware OEL 5.3 in a vm
10gR2 upgrading to 11gR2
NAS storage using GB Ethernet to a BlueArc NAS device.

Have any of you set something similar up? Pros/Cons. What "gotcha's" were there.
Any special tweaks with init settings or kernel params to make it work?

I've been pouring through the installation manuals and docs from and googling.

Do any of you have any links that would be helpful in setting this up.

I know there are tons of SAN vs NAS arguments out there. I'm not looking to fight a religious war, I just want to try and make this work. If it's a total no-go that's what the report will state. I do want to give a good faith effort at making this a reality though.

Any suggestions, links, or hints would be welcome.

My current method of setting this up is to migrate existing system using transportable tablespaces. That is the reason I'm setting it up with 10g to start with. I'm upgrading to 11g to make use of the DNFS features.


Rodd Holman


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