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From: chet justice <chet.justice_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 21:37:47 -0400
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Any thoughts on the "new" syntax for INSERT statements below?

INSERT INTO my_table
  ( id => seq.nexval,
    create_date => SYSDATE,
    update_date => SYSDATE,

    col1 => 'A',
    col2 => 'SOMETHING',
    col3 => 'SOMETHING',
    col4 => 'SOMETHING',
    col5 => 'SOMETHING',
    col6 => 'SOMETHING',
    col7 => 'SOMETHING',
    col8 => 'SOMETHING',
    col9 => 'SOMETHING',
    col10 => 'SOMETHING',
    col11 => 'SOMETHING',
    col12 => 'SOMETHING',

    col13 => 'SOMETHING',
    col14 => 'SOMETHING' );

Thought of one day while trying to clean up (make human readable) someone else's code. I would either get too many values or not enough. After copying the INSERT columns and subsequent VALUES clause into an Excel spreadsheet to compare them side by side, I thought, hey, what about named notation?

Anyway, I created the "Idea" on Oracle Mix here<https://mix.oracle.com/ideas/94278-position-insert-syntax>if you are inclined to, one way or another, to vote.



chet justice


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