Re: ODBC and Network Waits

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 18:00:35 +0100
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what does tkprof tell you about
  1. the number of waits
  2. the average time waited.

I'd lay a pound to a penny that b) was reasonable and a) was either unreasonable, or there were a very few very long waits on sqnet message from client - i.e the user or app.
showing the tkprof out put would of course mean that we didn't have to guess at these figures.
On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 10:17 AM, walid alkaakati <
> wrote:

> I have an application that uses ODBC and c++ ,i have checked the network
> latency and it is acceptable but the database as a whole shows high wait
> levels of
> * SQL*Net message to client
> SQL*Net more data to client
> SQL*Net message from client*
> *I have traced* one slow SQL with TKPROF and i found a high cpu for
> parsing and fetching but also i found these wait events only.
> My question has any one faces related problems to ODBC for example
> bugs,data send and recevied ,network.... i want to be sure it is only an
> application problem.
> Oracle 10g, Windows server 2003
> Thanks

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