RE: 11g 64 bit and Red Hat 4

From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 11:50:23 -0400
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I suspect he meant OEL5U3, which is analogous to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, the latest shipping version.

And if you have a big Red Hat Linux install base, there's no advantage to adding OEL to the mix, especially if you have some good negotiated corporate rate for RHEL.

Most of the folks I see moving to OEL are either: - shops that are new to Linux, and starting with Oracle on Linux - shops where the database organization has to "pay" internally for every RHEL license, and go to OEL instead for a cheaper solution.

But there's not any advantages fundamentally if it's a zero-cost decision between the two.


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> > RH5/OEL5 certainly works and I would recommend it over RH4. I'm
> OELU3.
> OEL3 with which db?
> I'd been trying to ignore the Oracle linux effort, just because we
> such large RH base. Probably can't get away with that much longer,
> Curious, does 11g choke on OEL4? When I say choke, I mean do you have
> to jump through hoops to make it go together.
> Thanks.
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