RE: 10g RAC and db_multi_block_read_count

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Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 10:35:16 -0400
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I saw a blog for a similar RAC GCR issue related to large multi-block-read-counts- it was long on the workaround but short on the symptoms so I did not use it as a definitive resource. I will try to find more info.

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> I am struggling to think of any significant difference
> that RAC would introduce, so I would comment that it
> makes no difference

This question was recently raised in another forum. The poster had 9208 RAC FOR AIX and dfmbrc was 16, set by itself, and had lots of 'global cache cr request' waits (and UDP "socket buffer overflows" in `netstat -s'). He changed the parameter to 4 and solved the problem. He finally posted this reference: and quoted Note:228647.1. I couldn't read the Metalink note, but after lots of reading pretty much concluded it's a port-specific bug although I can't point out the exact bug number (most are marked duplicate or incomplete).

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