RE: Oracle Server tuning guide for RAC nodes (2-node and 3-node) with 64-GB and 128GB memory

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I can't think of anything special in terms of particularly large memory have more memory, so, you can afford to allocate more to SGA and/or PGAs.

Something I would be concerned about, though, is the T series CPU. Do you have much experience with these newer, highly threaded CPUs? If this is your first experience, you may be surprised. Speaking both from what I've read, as well as my experience, these systems seem to be better suited for applications where high degrees of parallelism are important, and where total throughput is more important than response time.


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Subject: Oracle Server tuning guide for RAC nodes (2-node and 3-node) with 64-GB and 128GB memory


We are working with a customer where we are looking at 2-node and 3-node RAC with 64 GB/128GB memory systems. So far our systems were with 32 GB memory. These base system are T5240s (Sun T-Series CMT).

If anyone has recommendation for tuning of these large memory systems, please reply to me and I can summarize for the list later.


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