RE: RAC - mix Intel and AMD in same cluster ?

From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 17:00:22 -0400
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It should work fine - we have clusters here that are like that. As long as the architecture and OS match, the only difference you'll see is any performance differences between the two processors.


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> Subject: RAC - mix Intel and AMD in same cluster ?
> Has anybody here built or upgraded a 10g RAC cluster using a mix of
> Intel and AMD processors ? We have an existing 3 node RAC cluster, RH
> Linux 4 with AMD Opteron 3 ghz dual core cpu's. It is being
> to add a 4th node but with Intel CPU since the servers we used ( HP DL
> 585 G2 ) are no longer available new. Any thoughts in mixing Intel
> AMD processors in the same cluster ? We are also looking at upgrading
> the existing processors from dual-core to quad-core, but the quads
> to max out at 2.4 ghz while the duals go to at least 3.2 ghz.
> OS and Oracle will stay same version, but we might be forced to use
> Intel to add additional nodes, assuming it even works.
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