Re: rac vs dataguard

From: David Ballester <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 21:27:55 +0200
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2009/7/16 Stefan Knecht <>

> Some other things to consider that have not yet been mentioned
> - You can turn on flashback database for your physical standby, and
> activate it to do your reporting or do tests (that write to the database),
> or you can open it read only. For example you can do this during office
> hours or at predefined times. Then, later on you flash it back and put it
> back into recovery mode during the night. In the event of failure of the
> primary site, you will have to apply all logs to bring the standby up to
> date before you can switch over. So there's a tradeoff of using the
> resources for reporting vs HA (switchover takes longer)
> - With 11g, you can even open the physical standby read only while it is in
> recovery mode (take a look at the active data guard option) -- for some
> environments, this may be reason enough to upgrade, as contrary to the
> physical standby that you only open read only at a given point in time (and
> therefore start lagging behind the primary) this is a near-realtime
> reporting solution.
> Just my CHF0.02 :-)
> Cheers
> Stefan

commit :)

I've tried to be 'release aware' in my comment, but of course, on each release all possible newer features should be used if you obtain a good benefit


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