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Just don't forget to make sure you know how to backup and delete those archive logs or you will have egg on your face when you take down production once the archive log destination fills up. It is a simple process, but you need to either have some disk or a tape management system to backup the archive logs.

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On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 9:06 AM, Julio Aguilar-Chang <<>> wrote: Is there a good reason based on performance for not enabling archivelog mode?

My first reaction to that is 'forget about performance'.

You should probably ask the business owners if they can afford to lose all transactions after the most recent backup.

Because at some point, all systems need to be recovered.

And if the most recent backup is corrupt, they will lose all transactions back to the previous backup.

I know how I would answer that if it were my business.

After they tell you to implement archive logging ASAP, you can monitor for performance by asking the users if performance is still acceptable.

Others have already given good advice on log sizing.

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