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I've seen this kind of thing in a number of places that I've been in the past....

Having worked with hibernate, I can tell you that the efficiency of it's "Generated" SQL is terrible in more complex applications. If you interview anyone that believes that you can just turn to Hibernate and forget the database layer, that would be an automatic disqualification in my mind. The problem, as I see it, is several fold.

First, you have rouge developers who are tired of the database guys telling them they they have to think about database design, they have to think about performance and they have to think about more than just getting the application up and running with the right answers. These are the guys who start the ninja projects using databases that are not common to the enterprise (say, MySQL in a prodominatly Oracle environment). I think there are a number of reasons that this happens. Cost, the perception that development is sped up, and then there is #2...

Second, the DBA clan has, in general, not caught up to the notion of Agile development methodologies in many cases. It's not just the DBA's but other component pieces like project management, infrastructure, etc. We can't (or won't) respond fast enough, so develpers take on a ninja/dark forces attitude.

I'm sure there are other reasons but these come immediately to mind and I can't spend the afternoon writing a white paper on my overall experience with this problem. I also have a few solutions in mind, but thats a different response.

An interesting article on Cloud computing and security related concerns:



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Interesting article in ComputerWorld about the NoSQL movement. Most of my DBA experience has been primarily related to large ERP applications and recently had to start supporting Java Development environment and it almost feels like a totally different world. Looking at ORM tools like Hibernate, which is very popular with Java crowd, it baffles me as to how little SQL one really needs to know to get by with and their general aversion to understanding SQL. At this point these NoSQL alternatives do not seem to apply to the enterprises, but mostly to Web 2.0 based applications. However things could change and was curious to know what the broader Oracle community thinks about these alternatives especially with Cloud computing and databases on the cloud, fast catching on within the enterprises. At my work place, we are migrating all out hardware/database infrastructure to a hosted platform and I wouldn't be surprised if within the next three years all our  applications being totally supported on a cloud platform. This will undoubtedly have a big impact on the infrastructure folks, be it OS/hardware or Database.

Here is a good discussion on the article sited above.


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