RE: Multiple (SYSADM) Schemas in a Peoplesoft Database

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It is supported, but it is not recommended by PeopleSoft/Oracle.  

There are a number of drawbacks including and not limited to:
* You have to back and restore the databases together. The only to backup
and restore one of several PeopleSoft databases in the same Oracle database would be via export/import.
* If the database goes down, then all the PeopleSoft systems become
* If all the databases are in the same database server then the same
database parameters apply to all. You cannot control them separately.  

In the end there is very little saving to be made, and it is at the price of considerable complication and loss of flexibility. I simply would not do it.  

The only possible exception is if you have Portal and just one product (such as HR) then you might put them together because they are so tightly bound.


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Below is the response from our PSoft admin.

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It's possible.

You can have any number of PeopleSoft schema in one Oracle database. You also have to create a unique service name for each schema. The number of rows in PS.PSDBOWNER controls the number of schemas. In most case, there is only one row in this table.


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Fw: Multiple (SYSADM) Schemas in a Peoplesoft Database

Is it possible?


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Multiple (SYSADM) Schemas in a Peoplesoft Database

I believe that Peoplesoft does allow multiple schemas (the default is SYSADM, so the multiples could be SYSADM_1, SYSADM_2 etc) in a single Oracle Database.
This could support seperate business units in one Oracle instance.

Has anyone implemented this in Production ? Particularly for Financials modules -- (GL, Payables, Assets)

(Currently, we do have multiple BUs in the single SYSADM schema but I am asked to explore two options :
a. Seperate Database Instances
b. Seperate schemas in one Database Instance )

Hemant K Chitale


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