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Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 12:37:55 +0200
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Some years ago (it was 2002), after a pint of beer during lunch, I completely deleted a database , thinking I was working on another machine; database was little (less then 10g) but it was production: the restore took a couple of hours and there was no economic damage for that outage but, since then, I've *never* drink alcoholics during work....


>I do know of a DBA who deleted the test database ready for a refresh from production. The 578 datafiles took a long time to delete but slightly longer (36 hours) to recover once he realised that he was logged onto production.
>The company got a 1.8 million fine for the outage - government supplier etc
>He kept his job though
>2009/5/15 Newman, Christopher <<>>
>A colleague and I were just discussing DBA's getting fired for screwing
>something up/failing to do something (Not for being generally poor
>employees like showing up late, etc). Neither of us had heard any
>stories of either scenario. I know we sometimes have slightly off topic
>discussions on the list, so I was wondering if anyone would share any
>Chris Newman
>Database Specialist
>AITS, University of Illinois
>Howard A. Latham

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