iReplay; Database workload capture

From: Teehan, Mark <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 17:32:41 +0800
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I am evaluating tools that capture and replay real database workload for benchamarking and upgrade functionality testing; mostly for 9i to 10g upgrade testing.
I have never seen a tool that can reproduce database workload; and at first glance simulation is complex; given issues like intercepting all statements that are issued by connected sessions; co-ordinating the request timing for multiple sessions; handling the response data, etc. Tricky. I am not clear on how it works; whether it snoops on processes at the unix level, or logs into the database and trawl v$sql.

I came across this : which is related to iWatch, which seems to have been around for a while.

Has anyone use iReplay? Does it do what it says on the box?


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