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I don't know what the tool is like today, but can say that in previous releases it should only have been used by DBAs. It used to make some really counter-productive design decisions regarding performance. Do not let ignorant people this tool unless you have oversight. I had a entry-level developer at a Fortune 100 company bring the database to it's knees through a combination of arrogance and ignorance. (Ignorance = not knowing what you don't know.) The reasoning? If OWB did it, it must be right.

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Hi carol I'm currently on site for a dwh project that uses owb extensively. It isn't an end user tool, or for that matter one for people who don't have good dw development experience to use to develop things in. It does do the job fairly well though - although the generated code can be hard to read. It also really really likes memory on the workstation of the developers budget on at least 2gb each. It does use oracle features. It does do auditing.

On 4/20/09, Carol Dacko <> wrote:
> The Data Warehousing group in our organization continues to say that their
> sources indicate that Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) "is not worth a
> Some non-technical folks in our organization tried out the product for
> Oracle 10g and scrapped the product.
> Does anyone have any positive experiences with this product? We are
> together a Strategic Plan for the next 3 years, and I'd like to have a
> better understanding of what the acceptance of OWB is in the marketplace.
> Thanks kindly for your appreciation regarding this request!
> Carol Dacko
> University of Michigan

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