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From: Allen, Brandon <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 08:58:32 -0700
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Mr. Wartak is correct about the unsupported datatypes - the last time I tried to use data pump over a network link it also failed on a LONG column. This was with Oracle Standard Edition Database on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.2. LOB data types are supported, but not LONGs. There is also a bug where the table just before one with a LONG column will also be skipped - see Metalink 6630677.8 for more details (it also confirms that LONGs are not supported).

Mr. Goulet, I'd be very interested to see a test case where you successfully move a LONG column over a network link.


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Pardon me, but in a recent move from Windoze to HP-UX data pump happily moved longs, blobs, clobs, etc with no problem over a db link.

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Also be sure that you don't have unsupported types for db links (LONG, LONG RAW, etc.) in source database, as the DataPump will fail in the middle when it comes to them

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