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You can set in /etc/system with your own parameters...most of the times it is the file descriptors and user processes - as shown below  

set rlim_fd_max=16384

set rlim_fd_cur=8192

set maxuprc=150    

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   I need to set ulimit stack. I am Sun solaris sunos 5.10 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-15000:
I am seeing the values using ulimit -a


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First figure out which ulimit you are seeing. Often there is confusion between the getrlimit call and the builtin ulimit from bash  

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   What is a good way to set ulimit stack value at OS/UNIX level permanently. Right now I can set it for a session but I want it set permanently. Thanks for help. When I say ulimit it says unlimited but when I do ulimit -a I see some values that are not unlimited. I think unlimited is also limited by the settings on the server and is not really unlimited. Thanks      

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