Re: ctx_ddl.sync_index question

From: Teijo Lallukka <>
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 20:12:14 +0300
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Surelly 12M seems to be pretty low...

check out:

Also maybe you have big redo logs alreasy but I suggest to check and increase if needed... because sync gives you lots of usage.

Also remember that no other operations(ALTER INDEX... or optimize_index) on text index when sync or optimizing is running.... or you might get negative effect.


>>> Hemant K Chitale <> 04/08/09 6:51 pm >>>

'12M' seems to be quite low. That is the memory allocation for the index synchronization.
Values of 50M and 100M and higher wouldn't be unreasonable.

Ensure that you have a job to sync the index frequently.

Monitor the count of pending updates by doing a count on CTX_USER_PENDING;

At 10:25 PM Wednesday, you wrote:
>Redhat linux
>2 cpu
>12 GB ram
>COTS app: kana
>Kana is telling our developer that we need to run
>ctx_ddl.sync_index('kc_ctx_rawtext', '12M'); end;
>to resync the text index.

Hemant K Chitale


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