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Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 21:08:15 -0700 (PDT)
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I think both jeremy and dan have
A point and most often when a DBA becomes comfortable with a system they tend not to favor change call it old school or lazyness but once an infrastructure is in place change is something that is dreaded I would give an example of ASM as I totally ignored it as being a fad until thought nothing about it till I got a chance to understand it but for most people or old school folks u spend too much time fighting the same fires to even Consider technology and additional responsibilities that new skills Might bring to the table


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Dan Norris wrote:
While I agree that many "old school" DBAs could handle issues more readily than some newbies, I'd say that most of the "old school" DBAs I've encountered in my consulting travels are the "out of touch" type. That is, they have lost most of the theory and have maintained the same environment(s) for so long that the problems they can solve are the ones that happen regularly to them. They faint/fail at new or unknown issues. That is my personal experience and the new or unknown issues weren't particularly tough ones. I'd say I've been asked to provide help (consulting) to more "old school" DBAs than newbies over my years. However, that's probably also because the "old school" DBAs are often in larger shops that have bigger environments (and usually bigger problems to go with them). To be fair, as a consultant your sample pool is a little weighted in that direction. The "in touch" old-schoolers don't call you - just the ones who are out of touch. There's probably a higher proportion of in-touch old-schoolers than what you would meet on the job, simply by the nature of what you do.

But to counter my own point, the "out of touch" old-schoolers are probably the ones on the job market most often... :)



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