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Just to put a different spin on this; when I originally posted, I was not thinking about interviews and hiring questions at all. More, rather, on how does one know what one needs to stay competent (proficient, experienced, etc *grin*)? I used the model of a skill tree because I like pictures, and some sort of a dependency graph conveys to me better than words alone. I am much more concerned about ongoing training than getting your foot in the door. Sure, any type of "certification" or governing body that declares a level of exposure (I dare not call it "experience") could use some of the same methods, but again, my focus is after you have already been hired. How to keep the "old school" guys on track? How to take a Jr. DBA and turn him/her into standard DBA, or even a Sr. DBA? People do this on their own, but the career path has always seemed rather nebulous to me. Maybe that's just me. Interesting how this little molehill has grown.... =) I definitely appreciate the comments and perspectives.

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> After mulling this over with a few folks, I thought to hit a larger
> audience. Has anyone done work to identify basic, standard and advanced DBA
> skills? Oracle University has an interesting framework with their
> certification program, but I find it lacking in several different ways and
> looking for something a little more realistic and practical.
> Tying together some other blog posts, I had a strange thought about basing
> it off RPG-style skill points and how one builds a character in the virtual
> world (so all you WOW fans should jump on this! *grin*):
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