Anyone using HDLM 6.1 and ASM?

From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 21:19:31 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Hello group,

I have a problem with an ASM disk group on a freshly installed server. We are using RedHat 5.3 (64bit) and Oracle for clusterware and ASM. Initially the disk group creation went fine, but after a couple of days we encountered metadata corruption which manifests itself in the following:

ORA-15196: invalid ASM block header [kfc.c:9133] [endian_kfbh] [3] [2147483648] [17 != 1]

We based the disk group on raw devices, using udev to map the logical devices created by HDLM (sddlmaxx if memory serves me right).

The storage admins have run /sbin/dlmcfgmgr -r after adding in more luns   to prompt the generation of the logical device names - could that have had an impact on the existing ones?

Does anyone here have experience with HDLM 6.x and Linux? Every hit I get on the WWW seems to be related to AIX. We might consider moving to ASMLib, but I don't want to introduce another layer of software to the stack if I don't have to.

NB: there are 2 bugs related to HDLM but they seem non-public: Bug 4963316 - ASM CANNOT DISCOVER PHYSICAL DISKS CREATED BY HDML; Bug 8273208 - PLEASE ADD MKNOD AS A OPTION WHEN USING HDLM AND ASM

Thanks for any tips,


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