sparc 64 solaris 10 112GB RAM, vip hung

From: Ujang Jaenudin <>
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 08:30:35 +0700
Message-ID: <>


env: crs & db

I have added new cpu and memory at each node to 8 cpu (dual core = 16 oracle cpu_count) with memory 112GB RAM, 3 node RAC.

when starting nodeapps got error [28025][1][]: clsrcstartorp: Error with malloc

I'm thinking of due to malloc scanning huge memory and time timeout.

during startup instance database (79GB for SGA) it takes 5 minutes to finish.

does anyone has the recipe to enhance oracle performance for this kind of memory size?

and what about ISM can helped on this?


thanks and regards
ujang | oracle dba | mysql dba
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