Re: Creating Grid backup jobs through a script

From: Andrey Goryunov <>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 23:16:35 +1100
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Hi John,

I think to set credentials emcli can be used with its verb set_credential and you can easily generate the script for all targets

and if you use catalog RMAN scripts can be saved there and called after that.

As well as many targets can be added to the same job in EM GC and using variables there (for database name, host name, etc) the script will be executed depending on current database.

And multi-task jobs can add more complexity and flexibility

On 02/03/2009, John Hallas <> wrote:
> Thanks for the response Ian,
> Yes, I am aware that you can use the library, however that would still be a
> manually intensive job for a large number of backups whereas I thought it
> would be easier to create a script that could be run against the OMS to
> create a number of databases.
> If it is possible then I would see no reason why it should not be supported,
> if a procedure did exist then it should be supported in my view.
> The question is, does such a procedure exit?
> John
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> Subject: Re: Creating Grid backup jobs through a script
> When you say creating a job using a script I assume you have an issue with
> using the Job Library and "Create Like" - is there a rason why?
> I expect using a script you could update the Grid repository directly but
> I'm fairly sure you would be unsupported if you did. Having said that our
> security policy here requires all passwords to be changed every 90 days so
> I have written a script that updates the preferred credentials directly
> when this happens - changing them for over 50 databases is not something I
> want to do manually.
> Cheers,
> Ian
> I am looking at how to consolidate various RMAN backups to be scheduled and
> managed through Grid. Currently we have a mixture of Grid, crontab and 3rd
> party schedules running RMAN jobs.
> I am guessing that there must be a method of creating a grid job by using a
> script containing all the credentials, database name, backup type etc but I
> don't think I have ever come across any information around this.
> Has anybody got any suggestions or even better an example.
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