RE: RAC and ASM - Standard vs. Enterprise Edition install process ?

From: Crisler, Jon <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 12:31:53 -0500
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I am wondering what happens if you try to install SE on a server with more CPU's than is allowed by SE. As anybody knows that tries to figure out licensing costs for Oracle, there is a difference in processor sockets, processor cores, and cluster configs. But does SE actually enforce any CPU limits ? Will it just set the parameter "cpu_count" to 4 and not let it increase beyond that value ?

For EE, 1 core = 1 processor.
For SE, 1 socket = 1 processor (so a single socket with a 4-core chip is 1 processor)
For SE, 4 cpu sockets is the limit for a RAC cluster, which implies a 4 node max config.

I am just looking at Intel / AMD processors, and ignoring Sun Sparc for now which is even more complex. I think my servers are ok for now, but we might have to remove CPU's to stay compliant with the license.

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I performed a SE RAC install with ASM (obviously) on a two node SunOS5.10 cluster. Installation was done with the same media as every other RAC I've done (the one I got from edelivery). The database supported a bank and as far as I know they haven't had any troubles with it whatsoever. Licensing costs are greatly reduced with SE RAC (since no actual RAC license is required), however cpu count is limited (by SE license).

Install process is exactly the same as EE, except you mark the SE radio button in one of the first screens. Remember to perform an 'advanced' installation, otherwise you won't get the option.

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On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 2:25 PM, Gints Plivna <> wrote:
> 2009/2/20 Crisler, Jon <>:
>> The reason I am in
>> this mess is that we have historically only done installs for
>> Edition, but somebody slipped in a install for Standard Edition which
is not
>> certified in my company. Nobody caught it, and the install was done
>> EE. We now have to go back and redo this install due to licensing
>> restrictions and I am trying to figure out the easiest way.
> So app actually runs on SE and you never know that? :) A perfect
> possibility to save some (rather big) $$ for licences in next
> installs. ;)
> Gints Plivna
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