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Actually Context / interMedia / Oracle Text (the name changes over releases) is perfect for indexing CLOBs - very fast. I used it with a past company on Oracle8i. The only problem then was that domain indexes couldn't be partitioned. With 9i and 10g I believe that restriction was removed, which makes Oracle Text indexes and the tables they're on partitionable. The search tools are rich and performance is great. I highly recommend using out-of-line CLOBs - you have more options for placing the CLOB segments and keeping your base table lean and fast wrt, say, full table scans.

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Re: Indexing a CLOB

What exactly is slow?

Context is used to search within lobs - probably not relevant here.

Try caching the lob.

alter table <table> modify lob (lob_name) (cache);

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 11:40 AM, Ben Wittmeier <> wrote:
> We need to increase the size of a data field beyond its varchar2(4000)
> definition because 4000 characters isn't large enough. The field is
> currently not indexed. The developer has done some initial testing with
> CLOB's but found the performance with the CLOB seemed slow so he's
> wondering about an index on the field. Though he also said the slow
> performance may be a result of the way he's doing things with the CLOB
> (as this is new to him). Are there any options available to index the
> CLOB field to improve performance? Oracle mentions using a CONTEXT
> index....
> Does anyone have any thoughts on indexing CLOB fields?
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