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Nice one.  


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of course in a real recovery situation maybe deciding that every website is potentially dangerous wouldn't be such a bad thing. I can see the conversation now  

DBA: Well we had a recovery to do and so I followed the procedure on

CEO: And now we've irretrievably lost the data

DBA: It would appear so unfortunately, the walkthrough was missing a vital step

CEO: And remind me again what we pay you for, what was it you pay raise application said again

DBA: er, er,

CEO: 'exceptional technical skills and first class judgement'

DBA: er, er

CEO And you ran something you found on the internet?    



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The other problem about such a manual is that knowledge grows and new methods are developed so I think logging a tar and googling (or Yahooing if google deice every website is dangerous again)) are essential in a recovery situation.

2009/2/8 Howard Latham <>                   

        I've been asked to write a 'recovery manual'

        So if on holiday our developers can recover the database.

        If I could I would publish it!

        Anyway you can add corruption sub heading - with corrupt dbf , redo , temp as subs of that.

        My books growing isnt it!

        2009/2/7 Dba DBA <>                  

                I don't do alot of recoveries, so when I need to do something, I

                always end up googling it. So I want to write myself some notes for

		some of the basic scenarios. Here is my list so far.
		I keep notes of activities I don't use very often. So I
don't have to
		look them up again.
		all of these assume I can use RMAN
		1. full recovery(with and without archivelog mode)
		2. point in time recovery
		3. flashback database
		4. lost a redo log(both online and offline, with
multiple redo log
		groups or without)
		5. lost a datafile
		6. restore control file
		7. restore spfile
		8. someone drops a table, so flash back table

	Howard A. Latham


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