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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 08:04:18 -0600
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This is a data warehouse application which I inherited. They run an ETL every hour and the ETL takes about 70 minutes (don't ask). Then they run reports while the ETL is running. Some of the reports are failing intermittently with ORA-01410. I need something to prove conclusively that the problem either is or is not related to the fact that the ETL is truncating tables and dropping and recreating indexes.

Interestingly, the errors only occur when the report is scheduled automatically. When it is manually immediately after a failure we don't get the error.

Peter Schauss

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what are you doing to generate the error? plain selects? I have seen this error involved with indexes. rebuilding the indexes fixed it.

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Subject: Tracing an ORA-01410 error

Oracle Solaris 9

Some of our user reports are failing with ORA-1401- invalid rowid errors. Searching the archives I found a suggestion that I turn on tracing for this error with the command:

alter session set events '1440 trace name errorstack forever, level 3';

What kind of information can I expect to get from this trace?

Peter Schauss

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