ORA-1031 when privileges have been granted

From: Jason Heinrich <jheinrichdba_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 16:36:15 -0600
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Oracle EE
Logical standby database w/dataguard

I'm working with Oracle support on a performance issue, and they want me to run the sqlt scripts to gather some information. However, when I run the script to create the sqltxplain user's objects, I get an "ORA-01031: insufficient privileges" on the very first object it tries to create. I've verified that the permissions for the user are correct (create type, create table, etc. have all been granted), as is the tablespace quota. This isn't a problem with the scripts: I created a test user manually and confirmed that that user had the same problem.

As mentioned above, this database has dataguard enabled. Could that be causing this behavior? If so, I was expecting an "ORA-16224: Database Guard is enabled."


Jason Heinrich


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