RE: When is 11gR2 getting released?

From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 10:47:51 -0500
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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but doesn't that also imply that when you start using the software in production, when you find your own special breed of bug, it's now something that won't get fixed....  

Software like Oracle is complex enough that I don't trust that just because everyone else has gone ahead of me and gotten bugs fixed that I'm not going to run into my own. When I do, I want Oracle to fix them.  

That being said, I typically discourage people from being first out of the gate with any software release (except my own, of course :-) ), but especially Oracle.  



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Very good job of making the unsaid said.  

If you look at Oracle's applications, this is even more true. Many of them are not even certified on 11g yet!  

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Just another perspective on all this...

When a vendor ceases fixing bugs in a product, it might then finally be considered fully tested and production-ready. Using this perspective, 9iR2 became production-ready in July 2007, 10gR1 is scheduled to become production-ready this month (January 2009), and 10gR2 will become production-ready in July 2010. So, "end of support" need not mean "end of product lifecycle", but rather "end of development" and the beginning of the production lifecycle.

Of course, very few shops have this perspective, as Oracle (and most software vendors) has infected the community with the idea that "end of support" means "upgrade to next version". After all, the real revenue stream is in support and education (not licenses) and the driver for both support and education is change, not stability...

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