Re: When is 11gR2 getting released?

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 09:31:39 -0800
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> I normally tend to go by the rule that don't roll out major version to
> production in it's first release. I would rather wait for 11.2 to get
> all the teething problems of 11g to be ironed out.
> I work for an investment bank and hitting a bug proves to be very
> costly. I can't wait forever/ a year fir a bug to be fixed by oracle
> support or go through a tar dance ( as tom kyte would out it) for a
> production problem which is affecting my production system right now.
> I know some would say that problem should already have been identified
> in testing phase. But most of the imtime it is not possible to test
> every bit of code against a new release for every system in the company.

What may seem like a good strategy can actually prove to be quite flawed in practice.

If you have a canned app by a reputable vendor, the vendor will certify the database versions for you. SAP is like that.

In some cases the vendor may not have quite so robust an R&D team, and you will be left to do your own testing.

And of course, home grown apps require home grown testing.

The age of a release will be of little value in shaking out all the bugs.

Last month we migrated a canned app to a new server.

As the database was, it was a good idea to upgrade the database as well.

In testing we found that this app simply will not work on any release of 10g.

There is a bug that occurs only when the database character set and the national character set are both at UTF8, and there N type variables in the table.

We hit that bug.

The fix? Wait an interminably long time for a back port (been there, done that
the T-shirt was lost in the mail), or move to

We tested on, no problems whatsoever.

Jared Still
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