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An important feature of note for having at least one of your little servers as at least network support level (that's the one that was $99USD a year when initially released and now is $119USD with inflation to date as of the last time I renewed it) is the "up2date" feature, which specifically keeps you abreast of the patches and rpm updates that Oracle thinks you should have for the purpose of running Oracle technology plus any security/bugfixes, etc. for the rest of what you decide to install and register back with Oracle. Please see Oracle's official stuff online for the exact details and take what I've written here as extreme approximation and shorthand not for legal reliance.  

Even if you are happily a Redhat support shop, getting up2date notification for one server is a value not to be ignored.  



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Here's the document that lists the OEL support options:

Cost is anywhere from $119 to $2,299 per system depending on the support level and number of CPUs.

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Actually, I think the Oracle support cost is a LOT less than Red Hat, which is why they got a lot of initial traction with this Linux offering. I think there was some option that was only $99 a year, but I don't remember the details.  

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Running Grid Control on OEL 4 update 4(64 bit) for over a year without issue. Only time we've had to shut it down was when they redid the power in the data center. As noted, it's RedHat with the Oracle logo. I think the biggest question might be related to the support one gets from Oracle vs. RedHat. I believe the Oracle support price is a little less than RedHat's.


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