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From: kathy duret <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 12:27:12 -0800 (PST)
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We are running several instances of 12i on VMWare. We haven't run into any issues except for the occasional choking of resources which is expected with running 4 instances on one VM box.

I didn't set it up either so I can't help you out there.

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Nope, I don't ask Oracle to support VMWare. As long as VMWare supports VMWare and Oracle supports Oracle, we're good. According to Metalink 249212.1, Oracle does support Oracle on VMWare it's just not certified.

Ah, Ok. It's that lack of certification that may give people pause.

The few times I've seen Oracel run on VM, there have been no issues.

I've seen Oracle Apps 10.x with Oracle 7.3 run on a VM, because the HW was too old, needed replaced, and using p2v was *much* easier than trying to recreate apps 10.x.

BTW, please don't ask me how that was done, someone else did it, and I don't know what how he did it. I seem to recall it wasn't quite straightforward.

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